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Wise Womb Wellness:

where cycles bloom, and women thrive

I'm Jessica Jones, founder of Wise Womb Wellness. My passion lies in empowering women to reconnect with their inner wisdom and embrace the power of their cycles.

For the past 4 years, I've honed my skills as a herbalist, crafting nourishing tea blends to support women through every stage of life. From soothing period discomfort to promoting radiant skin and pelvic floor health, my formulations are a testament to the healing power of nature.

But Wise Womb Wellness goes beyond the cup. I'm also a certified 500-hour yoga instructor, certified health coach and certified Pre/Post Partum corrective exercise specialist, offering a holistic approach to well-being. Whether you're navigating pregnancy and postpartum, overcoming pelvic floor issues, or seeking relief from burnout and hormonal imbalance, I'm here to support you.


In our welcoming women's circles and gentle yoga classes, you'll find a supportive space for connection, shared wisdom, and self-discovery.

Let's work together to nurture your cycle, embrace your strength, and blossom throughout life's seasons.


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